What We Do

At “the line designs” we provide floorplans, 3d modelling, material boards, photo-realistic CGIs, construction Drawings & rendering solutions for commercial, residential developments, event spaces & product Design. Spaces that adds value to your life, reflecting your personality, and your needs now and in the future. Also adding value to the surrounding architecture and creating a new statement.

We stand unparallel in the industry to our ability to grasp and visualize the concepts and dreams of our clients. We invest in these dreams to create a spellbinding design that is utterly spectacular.

Whether it’s your home, office or your wedding , good interior designs can have a positive impact on its inhabitant’s mood, behavior, and ability to achieve maximum prospect.

At “the line designs” we seek to provide our clients with functional spaces that are flexible, collaborative, and innovative.

How we do it



It is sometimes required to start with such structural basics in order to achieve all of the aesthetic and functional criteria of a brief. Simple architectural floor plans are used to establish'spatial design' and usefulness early in the process. Early architectural drawings might demonstrate how to redistribute space by opening up a number of rooms to create a more dynamic and inspirational living area, for example. Similarly, some architectural features may be required to give a visually boring room a revitalised feeling of grandeur or importance.


3d modeling

It's critical to show examples of the suggested design early on in the process of designing and building a home. This method aids in the development of genuine passion for the emerging design, allowing all parties involved to confidently go forward with the more intricate work. A three-dimensional computer animation may be the most effective approach for all parties involved to see a concept. It is usually one of the most exciting early stages of a project's life cycle. This enables our designers to include all of their previous ideas and work in ways that may be viewed from a variety of angles and viewpoints.



While Floorplans, Artist Impressions, and 3D Models may depict the exterior of a structure, the interior design must satisfy more than just the eyes. The display of a curated material-board for each space allows all of the senses to take in the design's suggested colour, fabric, finish, and texture choices.


Rendering solution

Rendering gives building designers an affordable, quick, and an incredibly useful way to develop ideas. It gives a much better idea of what the end product will look like. No one has to imagine what a building will look like from sketches or descriptions. In the rendering process we adds surfaces, textures, and lighting to the model, giving it a realistic appearance and give the final appearance to models with visual effects.


Construction Drawings

Our professional construction team, in collaboration with the architects, will transform all of the design work to date into comprehensive construction drawings after the concept designs, budget, and planning have been agreed upon.

Founders Note

Growing up seeing my father as a builder, building 5’X5′ restrooms to skyscrapers captivated my senses of how the designing of spaces impacts one’s life, behaviour and mood. Which led me to do my Interior design degree from Amity University, Noida. Which was followed by my software designing degree from Autodesk. I further moved to Dubai to explore designing in the field of Events, completing my degree in Event Management from Emdi, Dubai.
I believe that we should move ahead with time with our roots in the ground. I thereby strive with the ambition of Designing spaces that are contemporary yet timeless.

“The line designs” is not just a designing company, it’s a place where we connect with emotions and deliver designs that makes you feel at home yet fulfil your dream.

Ayesha Naseem,
Founder & Creative Director